Ainianon square

The central square of Ainianon, famous all over Roumeli, is included in the top sightseeings of Mount Timfristos.

Spreading over four acres, overgrown with centenarian maple trees, fir trees, chestnut trees, willows, cercis and with its continuously running waters, Mavrilo square enchants every visitor with its exquisite natural beauty.

On one side of the square you can admire the rare Byzantine temple of Saint Dimitrios with its historic monuments and on the other side, right next to the 300-year-old historical maple tree with the Sperchios spring, lies the old school of Mavrilo, which today hosts an exhibition of old photographs depicting the old everyday life of the village.

Right on the square the visitor can find all day long and until late at night two taverns, that offer almost anything from traditional cuisine to grocery goods.

The square has been named "Ainian Square" in honor of the four historic members of the Ainian family, who were born and raised in Mavrilo, were initiated in Filiki Eteria or Society of Friends and offered everything to Greece ( Priest Zacharias Ainian, George Ainian, Christodoulos Ainian, Dimitrios Ainian ).