byzantine temple Saint Dimitrios

Donated to the village by the family of Hatzei, local dignitary of Mavrilo, it was built in mid 17th century and its artwork was completed in 1728.

Basilica with 166 frescoes, 123 icons of Byzantine art, an exquisite wooden temple crafted with the architectural art of Hepirus, an imposing gathering of icons of the 12 Apostles in place of the chandelier, a despotic-imperial throne, worship pews and two hymn book stands adorned with ivory. All these together compose an environment of austere divine grandeur.

A marvel of Byzantine art, one of the few preserved in such good condition among all the Greek Christian world. It is a major destination for the contemporary religious tourist. Saint Dimitrios of Mavrilo takes us back 400 years and brings the devoutness of the Byzantine mass in our souls.