the chestnut festival

The chestnut village of mountainous Roumeli could not but celebrate the chestnut!

So every October, in the weekend that falls closest to the celebration of St Dimitrios, the patron saint of our village, the Panhellenic Union of Citizens of Mavrilo organises the most famous festival of chestnut in Greece.

Traditional music and dancing groups, cultural and kids activities, free boiled or roasted chestnuts and tsipouro, along with the well known products of the mountain for our visitors inside the green main square of Mavrilo, all together compose a festive scenery worthy of the nobility of this village of Timfristos.

In the year 2010, Mavrilo chestnut festival was broadcasted in television by ET-3 Channel programme “Sunday at the Village”, whereas in the year 2014 was broadcasted in television by Alpha TV Channel programme “Return to the Village”. Every Mass Media Channels, with no exception, have made references to the famous Mavrilo chestnut festival.