Mavrilo: the chestnut village in the fir tree forest of Roumeli!


"Zavato" means a place that cannot be reached even from animals. Only this authentic Mavrilo locution can characterise the densest fir tree forests that exist in Greece and surround Mavrilo, covering also all the top of Mount Velouhi - Timfristos.

Near the end of the "zavato" forest on the borders of the traditional village of Mavrilo, the chestnut forest reaches the outskirts of the village and blends in with the cultivated chestnut tree gardens, creating, especially in autumn, myriads of colours in a unique mountainous nature.

For every visitor of our village, whether he is on foot or by car, one thing is certain: the journey itself towards Mavrilo forms the most magnificent sightseeing of mountainous Roumeli!