the powder mill

Hatzei, the local government of Mavrilo, in order to supply the village with the basic war material to organise their defense against a large number of enemies, built the first gun powder mill around the middle of the 17th century.

This craft was later passed on to their fellow citizens, who in turn built a number of gunpowder family industries. As a result, a serious craftsmanship was developed in Mavrilo, that left rich benefits to its citizens, since the sale price of gun powder at that time was 2,50 - 4 drachmas.

So when the time of the big Greek Revolution came, Mavrilo with its twelve gun powder mills was the village that supported the sacred fight in Roumeli, just like Dimitsana in Peloponnesus.

The nowadays powder mill has been reconstructed on the underpinnings of the old mill and works exactly like it used to two centuries ago.

Mavrilo ‘s powder mill, togetjer with Dimitsana ones in Peloponnesus, are the two only of their kind in Greece monuments – museums that can be visited.

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