the springs of Sperchios


Struck on his heel, the demigod Achilles, just before his last breath, remembers

the last words of his father, Pileas and talks to himself:


«…Sperchios, my father unfairly promised you that,

when I return there, in my homeland, for your sake,

I would cut my hair and I would offer you sacred, rich sacrifice,

and that I would slaughter fifty strong rams on your springs,

where there is a temple and a fragrant altar...»


 ( Homer, Iliad, Rhapsody Psi 144-147 )


The Rhapsody of the unique nature of the springs of Sperchios river,

The Homer Rhapsody, the Rhapsody of Greece.

Welcome to legendary Mavrilo on the springs of divine Sperchios river.